Change and Transition Workshop:  1 day

Change & Transition Workshop

The focus of the Change and Transition Workshop is not on theories and concepts; rather, it is based on using proven tools, including many templates, to actually implement change and help people transition effectively from the “old way” to the “new way.”

Course Objectives:

  • Use the appropriate change management tools
  • Consult with key leaders to increase change and transition effectiveness
  • Align behaviors with organization priorities and direction
  • Identify and mitigate stakeholder concerns
  • Assess the change management and individual transition issues involved in an intervention
  • Use change and transition tools in a variety of situations
  • More effectively influence change leaders and change resistors
  • Implement a specific action plan to apply tools and learnings
  • Integrate change and transition tools with other design and/or improvement tools and methodologies

Optimal Session Size: 16 to 20

This workshop can be customized to your company's needs.  For more information, please contact us today.