Unleashing the Power of Agile: Organization Design Implications

Many companies have invested in Agile frameworks to help them stay competitive in today’s fast-moving market. Agile has traditionally helped software development and IT solutions deliver fast, iterative, and flexible solutions that can change at the speed of the market. But, how can we expand Agile to improve other business areas and even organization design?

Despite its growing popularity and decade-long history in technology applications, Agile is still very much in its infancy. Many business functions and areas have yet to experiment with it and determine its usefulness or applicability. The reality is that Agile remains far from a mainstream framework for all business areas and companies. This opens the door for companies to differentiate by leveraging the benefits of Agile.

This complimentary guide, Unleashing the Power of Agile: Organization Design Implications, showcases how an Agile framework can be applied to organization design. AlignOrg Solutions has been using Agile principles in our organization design practice for the past 25 years, and we have seen numerous companies benefit from the speed and flexibility Agile can provide.

This guide will help you apply Agile beyond software/IT solutions and will cover questions such as:

  • Why are Agile approaches distinctive and appealing?
  • How do you use Agile principles in organization design?
  • How do you lead an Agile organization transformation?
  • What does an Agile organization transformation journey look like?
  • How do I get started?

Download our guide today and start leveraging the power of Agile in your next organization design effort.