Gain Competitive Advantage Through Change and Alignment Leadership

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Organizations need the capability to pivot, react, and leverage current trends and issues. Recent events such as Target’s security breach in 2013, the Dodd-Frank law of 2010 (following the 2008 financial crisis), and Britain’s succession from the EU showcase how legislative, geopolitical, and data security related issues can drastically change business environments. However, companies that have the ability to quickly react to changing and often global environments demonstrate how they can not only weather marketplace storms but can turn current trends and issues into a competitive advantage.

To do so, organization’s must align their structure, processes, and skill bases to their strategy. Such alignment requires an alignment leader who understands, manages, and drives alignment across the entire organization.

This briefing demonstrates how alignment leaders see competitive value in changing business environments as well as helps executives avoid the two major pitfalls often associated with alignment leadership.

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Gain Competitive Advantage Through Change & Aligment Leadership

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