Differentiation by Design (Macro Organization Design) – 2 days

Differentiation By Design Workshop

Differentiation by Design is an innovative workshop that meets the needs of professionals who are called upon to help drive growth, support organization restructures, acquisitions, changes initiatives and in general, help their organization choose a path that will make it more effective and competitive.  Many organizations have invested in this course so their leaders gain insight in how organizations are designed and how organizing choices impact growth.  Tools are the key.  The tools in this course provide professionals the mechanisms they need to strategize, design, align, and change an organization real time.

Course Objectives:  Participants will be able to:

  • Diagnose organization situations to select proper intervention
  • Use the appropriate organization design and intervention tools
  • Identify stakeholder requirements and associated design choices
  • Align organization choices to marketplace strategy
  • Assist in identifying differentiating work and properly design an organization to support this work
  • Understand and improve matrix organizations
  • Assist in restructuring organizations for greater competitiveness
  • Link work across organization units
  • Understand and improve matrix organizations
  • More effectively influence clients concerning organization design
  • Increase organization design effectiveness by setting specific action plans

Optimal Session Size: 16 to 20 participants

This workshop can be customized to your company's needs.  For more information, please contact us today.