Aligning for Success (Micro Organization Design) – 1 or 1.5 days

Aligning for Success Workshop

Macro design is about resourcing and grouping work to align to strategy, but it isn’t until the actual capabilities of the organization change that an organization really changes.  Micro design is about how work is done, what roles are needed, how decisions are made, what information is used to make decisions and track performance, what skills are needed to perform work, how behavior will be rewarded, etc.  This workshop provides a practical methodology and set of tools to help design organizations at the micro level.  The Aligning for Success workshop is a complement to the macro design tools covered in Differentiation by Design.

Course Objectives:  Participants will be able to:

  • Identify the key micro design outcomes and the tools that can help achieve those outcomes
  • Show the transition/bridge from macro design to micro design
  • Ensure that the connection between organization design choices and strategy/macro design are clear and aligned
  • Understand the outcomes and benefits that can be achieved by following the micro design process
  • Learn to apply micro design tools to achieve key micro design outcomes (e.g., design jobs, define linkages, understand customer interfaces, define systems requirements, optimize span of control, determine capacity and staffing needs, and define metrics)
  • More effectively influence clients concerning organization design
  • Increase organization design effectiveness by setting specific action plans

Optimal Session Size – 16 to 20 participants

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