Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP)

Event Closed – Held on March 26, 2018

Change Management professionals from around the world gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada for the annual ACMP conference.  Reed Deshler, Principal at AlignOrg Solutions and co-presenter, Mike Smith introduced the topic: Changing the Rules of Change: Realigning the Organization so that Change Sticks.  Those in attendance had the opportunity to participate in provocative discussions about current change initiatives and how to help organizations achieve results and focus on preparing the individuals for change.

Participants were challenged to shift their change efforts to focus on the underlying environment or organizational system to drive success. Change practitioners and leaders discovered how shaping the aligned system of choices in their organizations can accelerate change success.  Change that is dependent on extraordinary individual efforts or top-down change programs aren’t tapping the potential of organization alignment.

Participants understood that applying organization alignment principles in conjunction with change management techniques can shift the environmental aspects that make lasting change so difficult to achieve.

Presenter: Reed Deshler, Author of Mastering the Cube: Overcoming Stumbling Blocks and Building an Organization that Works and Principal, AlignOrg Solutions

Co-presenterMike Smith, AlignOrg Solutions