Customer Satisfaction

Maintaining Customer Satisfaction During Change Transformation

With today’s availability of countless sophisticated tools, software and management systems, customized training programs, and strategic planning applications, it can be easy to forget the reason we have all of these tools and systems in the first place: the customer. One of the hallmarks of change transformation is implementation of

Agile Organization Design

How to Structure Your Agile Organization Design Team

To fully benefit from an Agile organization design effort, you need effective teams and means of engaging stakeholders and customers. True to Agile principles, your team should be customer-centric, flexible enough to respond to market changes, and capable of producing design “products” that you can test and implement immediately. But,

Customer Experience

Customer Experience Strategy: Turning Service Failure Into Opportunity

Every organization is aware of the importance of customer experience. Some companies, such as Apple, have gone to great lengths to ensure a positive experience every step of the way, from purchase to disposal. Everything—from ordering to delivery speed, opening the box, ease of set up, user-friendliness, etc.—is orchestrated so

Work Processes

Is It Worth the Time to Map Current State Work Processes?

The world is moving fast. Today’s most successful businesses employ agile practices and processes that enable them to keep pace with rapidly changing markets, customer trends, global events and economic shifts. That level of flexibility requires ongoing assessment, analysis and realignment—a willingness to implement work process changes when necessary to

Organization Transformaiton

How to Build and Sustain Organization Transformation Capabilities

An organization transformation COE’s success ultimately depends on its people—and staffing presents a number of challenges to building an effective COE. In a recent post, we touched on the challenges of hiring good people for a COE. However, even once you assemble the perfect organizational restructuring team, you still have to