Organizational Change

Sharpening Your Focus to Three

How often do organizations implement changes developed during strategic planning sessions? While reports vary on the subject, the working reality is that many organizations feel completely overwhelmed with the amount of work they must do to achieve true transformation. How can we refocus our efforts to improve execution success? Unfortunately,

Strategic Thinking

Enhancing the Strategic Thinking of Executives Leads to Better Results

Strategic thinking is essential for an organization to differentiate and ultimately win in the marketplace. However, strategic thinking is much more than the ability to apply data, trends, and themes or envision big ideas. While these skills are certainly important for leaders of an organization, they don’t ensure that these

Organization Design

Benefits of Doing Organization Design in an Agile Way

Agile methodologies have been used since the early 2000s, and most people are familiar with its use in rapid, iterative software development. However, are there other applications for Agile methods and principles? Can we apply Agile principles more generally even in the field of organization design? At its core, Agile