Matrix Organization

Matrix Organization Design: How to Get the Most Out of It

When people talk about matrix organizations, different ideas come to mind.  In the most straightforward sense, a matrix organization is when one individual formally reports to two or more managers (solid and dotted lines). We might also say that a matrix is one form (there are many) of organizational linking

Platform Business Model

Governing Platform Business Models through Organization Design

AlignOrg Solutions recently hosted a free webinar helping companies explore platform business models.  What makes them so desirable? How are they different from traditional business models? Why are they getting so much attention?  Despite the appeal, one of the challenges of a platform business model is the governance systems required

Organization Strategy

Do Best Practices Drive Organization Strategy?

Ever gone to a conference and heard stories from other great organizations about the innovative practices they are implementing?  Ever come away from those conferences thinking, “How can I help our organization become an industry leader in such-and-such a practice?”  If you have experienced these thoughts, you are not alone

platform business model

How to Pivot Your Business Model to Create and Deliver a Platform

Companies that successfully offer well-established platforms to their customers (like Apple, Airbnb, Uber, and Amazon) continue to receive a lot of attention and with good reason. Their platform business models have allowed them to gain greater market share, establish an ecosystem of goods/services, and offer differentiated experiences to their customers.

Digital Transformation

Designing a Digital Transformation to Create True Organizational Value

Digital transformation is receiving a lot of press as businesses relentlessly redefine how they deliver value and relate with customers.  The question that needs to be asked is, “How will digital transformation produce value and differentiation for my organization? In the midst of increased digital transformation “noise,” strategic and organization