Transformation leaders discuss the equation for measuring change success

The Equation for Measuring Change Transformation Success

Measurement is an essential activity to ascertain the success of a process or an activity. However, assessing the effectiveness of a change transformation is not always as straight-forward or simple as reading outcome data or waiting for a position in the market to change. Although metrics such as milestones and

Aligned Organization

10 Benefits of an Aligned Organization

Unfortunately, it is difficult to achieve perfect organization alignment; however, the better aligned the organization the more you can realize the benefits above. Sure, alignment is an investment of time and money, but in today’s competitive marketplace it is hard to ignore the benefits of true organization alignment.

Strategic Management Processes

How HR Executives Can Enhance Strategic Management Processes

I recently read an interview with Dr. Carol S. Dweck about her new book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. The interview focuses on different “mindsets” that essentially describe the way you conceive of your own intelligence, abilities, and talents. Among other mindsets, Dr. Dweck outlines what she calls a

Organization Design Implementation

Executive Insights: What Will It Take to Implement Your Design?

Developing a new organization design requires a lot of work, time, and resources, but it can also be exciting to move in a different direction to improve the organization.  In the excitement, we want to implement the new design quickly but often without knowing the effort, steps, or even amount