Webinar: You Have a New Structure, Now What?

Available on Demand – Discover the organization design frameworks, leadership principles and implementation practices that will allow executives and practitioners to achieve real change and perceptible success with a new organization structure.

Webinar: Deciding When to Seek a New Organization Design

Available on Demand – Getting the right organization design is more than landing on the right structure; it is about aligning your organization and people to deliver strategic value. So, how do you know when a new organization design is warranted?

Webinar: How to Get Breakthrough Thinking in Organization Design

Available on Demand – Learn some of the most effective techniques that leading organization design experts use to shift mindsets, generate creative organization design alternatives, and solve organization design challenges that will spur growth and efficiency.

Webinar: Designing Organizations for Effectiveness & Efficiency

Available on Demand – What are the most effective techniques and tools to help organizations continually shift from less strategic work to more strategic work? Learn how organizations can become more efficient while also investing in growth-oriented activities.