The Power and Potential of Shared Services: A Guide to Streamlining and Scale

With increasing headwinds and a desire for more efficiency without sacrificing effectiveness, many organizations are exploring shared services as a design solution.  However, when you introduce shared services into your organization, you also have to answer
a number of questions to achieve the full benefits: How do you chose the right work to centralize?  How do you drive efficiency and grow?  How will you coordinate decision rights? Perhaps most importantly, how will you optimize shared services work and capabilities to drive improved results?

This Executive Guide is meant for leaders and practitioners alike who want to or have
already introduced a shared service structure into their organization and want it to work

This guide will cover:

  • What is a shared service?
  • When should an organization employ a shared services model?
  • How can you optimize a shared service organization?
  • What is the best way to mitigate the risks of a shared service model?
  • How can you effectively operate a shared service that drives results?
  • What leadership skills are necessary for a successful shared service?

Download our guide today to learn how you can get started on evaluating the right fit for shared services in your organization.