Designing and Implementing a Successful Matrix Organization

Angled view of AlignOrg Solutions' Matrix Executive Guide

While a matrix structure can be a powerful tool, it requires a good strategic rationale, some unique skills, and intentional organization alignment efforts to realize the full benefits. Companies may struggle to implement an effective matrix structure if they can’t answer questions such as: How will you coordinate decision rights? How will you manage conflict and balance power among the different parts of the organization? And, how can you leverage your matrix to increase efficiencies and grow simultaneously?

This complimentary guide, Designing and Implementing a Successful Matrix Organization, helps executives and practitioners alike who want to or have already introduced a matrix structure into their organization and are striving to make it work better.

This guide will cover:

  • What is a matrix?
  • When does an organization need one?
  • How to diagnosis issues with a matrix structure
  • How to best design a matrix organization
  • How to effectively operate in a matrix
  • What leadership skills are necessary maximize the matrix?

Download our guide today and learn how you, too, can leverage the power of a matrix structure to deliver the simple solutions for which your customers are looking.