Fine-tune the Linkages in Your Organization Structure

Formal organization structure gets a lot of attention from leaders and organizations, but an often under emphasized aspect of structure is linkages.  Linkages are the informal mechanisms or structures that facilitate decision making, resource sharing, and work coordination across organizational boundaries. They are often necessary because the formal structure of

Organization Transformation

Ensuring Clean Hand-Offs in Organization Transformation

The idea of “passing the baton” in a relay race is often used as a metaphor for the handoffs that occur as work moves from one person or function of a business to the next. These transitions are critical junctures in organization transformation; being able to manage organization design “baton

Information & Metrics

Information – The Lifeblood of Organizations

Recently, I was with an organization that was doing some benchmarking, and we visited the sites of several companies with strong capabilities in supply chain systems and analytics. As I observed the analytical capabilities and listened to the discussions, I thought about the Information & Metrics side of the organization

Information & Metrics

The Most Neglected Aspect of Organization Design

When we are involved in major transformations, one of the first discussions leaders are eager to get into is the structure discussion . . . the new organization chart.  Leaders also give enthusiastic consideration to the major business processes of the organization. In fact, leaders easily see the wisdom of

Capability Building

Building Internal Capability for Org Design: Bridging the Experience Gap

Every organization likes to build muscles around their ability to facilitate organization transformation. Internal capability building in disciplines such as organization design, change management, and program or project management is an excellent way to do this. However, care must be taken to bridge the gap between theory and practice when