Change Management

Redefining Change Management

Traditionally, much of the activity involved in change management has revolved around the art of communication and persuasion. To effectively create change in an organization, it is imperative to anticipate the reactions of stakeholders to a proposed change, and effectively communicate with them in such a way that they willingly

Organizational design professionals can adjust when virtual work environments fail

When Virtual Work Environments Fail—and How to Leverage Them for Success

Working virtually is no longer the wave of the future. Readily available technology has made virtual work environments ever more prevalent, both within and between organizations. Virtual, networked organizations offer many advantages. For instance, holding a meeting on Zoom is cheaper, more convenient, and has a lower environmental impact than

Organization Design

Cultivating a Digital Mindset in Your Organization

Digitization has become a must for organizations that want to stay relevant in today’s marketplace. Digitizing streamlines many of the day-to-day operations of a business, allowing it to offer seamless delivery of value both internally and externally with customers. To digitize an organization is simple in concept, but that simplicity

How Healthy is Your Organization?

A healthy organization is efficient, resilient, and supports positive relationships both internally and with its external stakeholders, with all parts operating effectively toward a common goal. Organizational health is a measure of how well a company functions, as well as its long-term viability and potential for growth. Just as symptoms