Webinar: What if We Never See the Customer Again?

Free Webinar: Emerging Trend - What if We Never See the Customer Again?



Many organizations have had to pivot overnight to virtual ways of working as a result of COVID-19. These changes happened quickly and were comparatively painless for many workers and organizations. However, now that virtual ways of working are becoming routine, organizations are starting to recognize that their relationship with customers is evolving too. Data now suggests that customers are not only comfortable with self-service, digital interactions, but actually prefer it.

Even a year ago, the assumption would have been that without the ability to sit across the table from a customer, take a client to dinner or visit a customer’s plant, it would be the end of the relationship. This new era of virtual customer interactions has a profound impact on how organizations design their sales, customer service processes and organizations.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn how organizations and leaders may need to rethink and adapt their organization designs, including key work processes, roles, structures, and incentives. Discover how organization design tools, methods and principles can help organizations reimagine and redesign customer interactions and take advantage of the growing acceptance of virtual interactions.

Specifically, we explore:

  • The types of customer interactions that are evolving because COVID-19 forced work to go virtual.
  • The changes leaders need to make to help their organizations engage virtually with customers.
  • The implications for front-line employees who are no longer seeing the customer face-to-face.
  • The digital strategies and capabilities that organizations need to optimize customer experiences.

This webinar is a must for:

  • C-suite executives and senior business managers
  • Organization transformation program managers
  • HR leaders and OE/talent/change professionals
  • Anyone interested in learning how to redesign their organization to enable customer touch points for digital and self-service interactions