Webinar: Five Areas of Any Organization That Are Transformation Ready

Free webinar march 2020

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The competitive landscape is changing, and organizations are constantly in pursuit of aligning their capabilities and resources to the demands of the market.  New strategies are easy to come by but making the necessary organizational realignments to enable those strategies can be months or years in the making – too long for many industries.

As we look to the future, the ability for organizations to be agile and flexible as conditions change is essential.  Part of that agility is recognizing where organizational change may already be needed regardless of the direction your industry and organization are heading.    

Join us for this free webinar to learn five critical areas where organization transformation is needed and how you can get in front of the market.  Specifically, we will explore:

  • What are the most likely areas for organization transformation in most companies and industries?
  • How can leaders design their organizations for strategic fit and agility?
  • How an agile organization design process can lead to faster change than traditional approaches?
  • What are the steps to getting started with an organization redesign in one of the critical areas ready for transformation?

This webinar is a must for:

  • C-suite executives and senior business managers
  • Organization transformation program managers
  • HR leaders and OE/talent/change professionals
  • Anyone interested in learning how to achieve strategic organization design outcomes