Organization Design & Transformation Learning Conference Wrap Up 2017

– Event Closed –

Columbus, Indiana (August 24-25, 2017) – Professionals from a cross-section of organizations gathered for the semi-annual Organization Design & Transformation Learning Conference.  This learning conference has been held each year since 2011.  AlignOrg Solutions and Cummins co-hosted the conference with the intent to bring practitioners together to:

  • Learn how to increase their chance of having a successful change transformation
  • Discover best practices in organization design and change management
  • Gain insights on current projects by engaging other professionals to provide feedback
  • Work with peers from other industries to develop new thinking, applications, tools and work products

Those who attended were experienced human resource, organization design, change management and organization effectiveness practitioners from various industries including healthcare, insurance, IT and manufacturing.

The participants were highly engaged during this interactive conference and benefited from working together in small groups.  Participants contributed their experience and industry knowledge during several live case studies where practitioners shared insights to help their peers solve tough organization design and organization transformation challenges.  Participants worked together to create tools and frameworks to resolve real-life design and change situations.  These tools were presented and shared among the group where each tool was further refined and developed into working models that participants could take back to their respective companies and implement.

Those who attended, strengthened their skills, learned from others, and changed the way they think about organizational transformation.

Look for the next learning conference to happen in early 2018.