Free Webinar: The Role of Leadership in Change Management and Organization Alignment

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Who would want to be a leader in today’s organizations?  The expectations are endless – grow the business, differentiate, increase profits, cut costs, innovate, be socially responsible, digitize, engage employees, build a talent bench, be compliant, keep investors happy and on top of all of that lead your organization through transformations quickly and successfully.  When a leader can’t hit all of these marks, the calls for leadership change can be decisive.  We have learned that leaders who can ensure the business fundamentals are met while effectively leading organization transformation activities are appreciated and rewarded.

Yes, we need remarkable people leading today’s organizations, but there are some key behaviors and leadership mindsets that can set some leaders apart from others.  Because organization change is a complex and time consuming endeavor, leaders who find the right levers can not only survive these experiences, but also thrive as they lead their organizations to new markets, digital opportunities, and organizational effectiveness.

This webinar will highlight how executives and practitioners can focus on the critical change management and organization alignment areas that will lead to organization transformation success:

  • How can leaders unlock the power of a compelling vision and case for change?
  • What are the practices of great leaders in connecting with employees to ensure understanding, buy-in and desire to make tough changes?
  • How do leaders set the tone for organization transformation by being transparent and holding themselves and others accountable for making changes?
  • How do leaders push for stability while constantly looking for ways to improve the organization’s alignment to strategy?

This webinar is a must for:

  • C-suite executives and senior business managers
  • Heads of global and regional organizations
  • HR leaders and OE/talent professionals
  • Performance and change managers
  • Anyone interested in learning how to guide organization transformation efforts in a productive and lasting way

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