Free Webinar: Enabling Executives to Shape a Differentiating Culture

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One of the most compelling yet misunderstood concepts in business is related to the power of organization culture.  Culture holds the promise of helping the collective of the organization’s members focus on similar goals and objectives and of encouraging cohesiveness in purpose and intent.  However, in reality most leaders and organization members alike find that organization culture is a constraint, a burden, and a barrier rather than an enabler to strategy and performance.

Despite these mixed outcomes, organization culture is a powerful influence.  The key is to determine how to shape, guide or create the culture that will lead to positive results and distinctiveness.  It has been argued that the only sustainable differentiation is the organization’s culture.  So, executives should be tuned into their organization’s culture and how they can guide it and shape it to deliver the needed influence.

While there are countless books, theories, programs, assessments, and approaches to addressing culture, there are some foundational principles that can help executives rein in and gain control of their culture (rather than being controlled by it).  What are these principles?  How can these principles be used to shape your company’s culture?  What are the consequences of ignoring these principles?

Attend this free webinar to learn more about how executives can shape the cultures in their organizations to yield sustainable differentiation and results.

This webinar will focus on helping executives and practitioners:

  • Understand the principles that govern the levers of organization culture
  • Gain insights into how these principles can be applied to shape a differentiating culture
  • Learn how to diagnose organization misalignments that have unintended cultural impacts

This webinar is a must for:

    • C-suite executives and senior business managers
    • Heads of corporate and back-office functions
    • HR leaders and OE/talent professionals
    • Performance and change managers
    • Anyone interested in shaping a distinctive organization culture to drive desired business results

Enabling Executives to Create a Differentiating Culture

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