Free Webinar: Agile Organization Design: A Lever for Executives to Transform Their Organization

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Agile ways of working are expanding across organizations carrying the promise of more effective and faster delivery.  Though the genesis of Agile is in software development, the principles of Agile have universal application to other disciplines and ways of working.  Organization transformation is one such discipline that aligns with Agile principles and can be executed in a way that leverages the benefits of Agile.

Leading organizations are looking for ways to more dynamically adapt to changing market conditions and leverage the power and creativity of their talent – Agile ways of working may offer some answers for these hopes.  Leading a large, complex organization transformation can be likened to leading the software development lifecycle and where Agile methods have led to new and creative ways to achieve fast results, Agile organization design can do the same.

So, what are the keys to Agile Organization Design?  Are all organization design methods and approaches Agile or are there important differences?  What are the benefits for undertaking my next organization transformation in an Agile way?

Attend this free webinar to learn more about how an Agile Organization Design approach can transform your business and accelerate the time to results.

This webinar will focus on helping executives take advantage of the following aspects of Agile Organization Design:

  • Foster the best thinking and generate insights in a co-creative process
  • Encourage bursts of innovation, creativity and work to accelerate the pace of progress
  • Allow organization transformation efforts to be iterative so that as marketplace changes happen the organization design can adapt real-time

This webinar is a must for:

      • C-suite executives and senior business managers
      • Heads of strategy
      • HR leaders and OE/talent professionals
      • Performance and change managers
      • Anyone interested in improving the culture of their organization to adhere to more Agile ways of working

Presented by Reed Deshler, Principal, AlignOrg Solutions