Why Resource Choice Matters in Organization Transformation

Resourcing is a perpetual challenge organizations face in driving transformation. Sooner or later, every transformation leader will find him or herself in the position of needing specific talent or resources other than those which are normally under their control. When this happens, they must look elsewhere for those resources. Not

Building internal capability in organization transformation

Building Internal Capability in Organization Transformation 2 Keys to Success

Often, organizations look to outside partners to assist with organization transformation. This is natural, as organization design and change demand specific skill sets that are not always readily available within an organization or easily hired. However, the opportunity also exists for organizations to build these capabilities internally. There are many

4 Keys to Managing Your Change Implementation Journey

In the initial stages of an organization redesign, enthusiasm often runs high. Everyone is excited to brainstorm new ideas and develop new solutions for solving problems or issues in ways that are more effective, efficient, and profitable. But as important as the organization design process is, and as much work

Agile Organization Design

Why Take an Agile Approach to Organization Design?

Learn how Agile organization design can help companies complete transformations quickly, respond to changing markets and
consistently produce differentiated business models tailored to customer needs.