Commercial Organization

Take the Design of Your Commercial Organization to the Next Level

The design of commercial organizations inside of companies brings unique organization alignment challenges for executives and practitioners alike.  Because most sales and marketing functions touch the end-customer in very real and tangible ways, the design of these functions must create an extraordinary experience for customers and also deliver differentiated marketplace

Breakthrough Thinking

Facilitating Breakthrough Thinking

Over time, every industry develops its own set of truisms. In organization design circles, two that come to mind are: “Organizations are a reflection of the collective logic of the organization’s leadership,” and “Organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they’re getting.” Put the two together, and you can

leadership in change management

4 Key Change Management Principles Successful Leaders Must Master

Manage change—or it will manage you. Leaders in today’s organizations are faced with this reality on a regular, if not daily, basis. In a rapidly changing world, the health of an organization depends on its ability to respond timely and appropriately to emerging opportunities, new threats, and societal and marketplace