Agile Organization Design

How Do You Use Agile Principles in Organization Design?

An Agile Organization is one in which leaders have thoughtfully and intentionally embedded Agile principles into the ways the organization works.  Because the benefits of Agile can be so significant, organizations are exploring how to change traditional ways of working (e.g., project management, life cycle management, etc.) into Agile ways

Organization Design Capability

Developing Organization Design Capability in Alignment Leaders® (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this article, we discussed the process of building organization design capability in change partners. Now, let’s examine the role of the alignment leader in organization design, and how to assist an alignment leader in building organization design capability. Why Alignment Leaders Need Organization Design Skills To remain

Is Inaction Undermining Your Organization Transformation?

Throughout the process of organization transformation, leaders often reach points where they must decide when (or whether) to step in and take action, versus sitting back and allowing a situation to play itself out. There are times when the wisest course of action is inaction. However, in many cases inaction