Organizational Change

Organization Change at the Speed of Business

Resource availability is one of the built-in challenges of managing organizational change. For successful change transformation to occur, leaders and teams must learn to work effectively within the constraints of resource limitations. Limiting resources vary from one organization to the next, but the scarcest resource of all for many is

Understanding key principles of Organization Design

Agile Organization Design: Understanding Key Principles

While the software industry has used Agile for more than a decade, Agile is just gaining steam in other areas of business beyond software development. Even though Agile has been around for 20 years, it is still on the upswing in terms of maturity and application.  Thus, many business functions

Strategic Business Planning

How to Do Strategic Business Planning at the Speed of the Market

Most companies approach the strategic business planning process as an annual ritual starting mid-year and lasting three to four months, to identify how to allocate resources for the coming year. Once they’ve turned in the plan and gotten approval, many leaders set planning aside and turn back to discussions that