Organization Design

Are You Truly Co-Creating Your Organization Design?

Leveraging your executive team to co-create or co-design your organization is an organization design best practice. It creates buy-in from the organization, facilitates change management efforts, helps eliminate blind spots in the design, and ultimately creates a more competitive organization. For most executives and leaders that we work with, they

Business Transformation

Does Hitting Business Transformation Milestones Equal a Moment of Truth?

In the past, I have written about how to measure your business transformation efforts and how alignment leaders and change partners alike can determine, as an organization, when a transformation is completed. This discussion sits squarely between these two subjects and attempts to examine the point at which customers and

Executives implementing a new business model that creates customer stickiness

Implementing a New Business Model That Creates Customer Stickiness

Businesses work hard to create and market products and services that solve customer problems and fill customer needs. But, what creates the kind of customer loyalty that brands like Amazon or Apple enjoy? What is it that makes us repeatedly choose one company over another? What choices can organizations make

Best Practices

Strategic Organizational Best Practices–Friend or Foe?

Best practices can be a powerful tool to help organizations improve their marketplace performance, differentiate their business, and help functions become more effective and efficient. However, best practices can also cause the opposite. Essentially, the constant quest for industry best practices can, at times, actually lead to less differentiation, effectiveness