Webinar: Move the Dial on DEI: Overcome Stumbling Blocks and Create DEI Initiatives That Last

Leaders creating DEI initiatives that last

Organizations that wish to increase diversity and improve equity and inclusion, often find that it is easier said than done. Frequently, leaders pour time and energy into creating DEI initiatives that are rapidly forgotten and don’t lead to real changes in the actions of the employees or the organization’s underlying culture.

In this webinar, we will examine some of the usual stumbling blocks that interfere with the success of DEI initiatives. We’ll then explore how each stumbling block can be addressed with a building block – a proven principle or method that helps create an environment where diversity, equity and inclusion can flourish.

Join Ken Thompson and Sharon Moura as they explore how to:

  • Foster a culture where diversity, equity and inclusion exist naturally
  • Use metrics and data to gauge the success of your DEI initiatives
  • Move beyond tactics like compulsory training to create programs that get employees engaged in the cause
  • Use creative recruiting methods to attract and keep diverse job candidates
  • Align DEI goals with organizational choices in a way that creates permanent, positive change for your organization and employees

Who Should Attend:

  • C-suite executives and senior business managers
  • Organization transformation program managers
  • HR leaders and OE/talent/change professionals
  • Anyone interested in learning how to align their organization for real DEI growth