Don’t Let Your Bias Cause You To Miss The Truth

Don't let situational bias cause you to miss the truth

Published September 14, 2020 on Forbes

By AlignOrg Solutions’ Principal Reed Deshler

Too often we make knee-jerk reactions by placing too much emphasis on things we shouldn’t and not enough on factors we should. In that way, we need to be careful that situational awareness doesn’t turn into situational bias, which in organization design terms means the tendency to attribute an outcome more to external circumstances or situations and less to an organization’s strategies, processes, structures, systems or organizing choices.

In this article for Forbes, AlignOrg Solutions Principal Reed Deshler discusses how overcoming biases for a more accurate awareness of current circumstances and to make better strategic decisions is an ongoing struggle for leaders. He offers some basic and practical strategies to avoid falling prey to situational bias especially during an organization design. 

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Reed Deshler is a member of Newsweek’s Expert Forum and Forbes Coaches Council. More articles by Reed are available here.