AlignOrg Solutions, Deloitte Explore Resiliency in Blog Series

AlignOrg Solutions is launching a three-part blog series on organizational resiliency in partnership with Deloitte. The blogs are co-authored by AlignOrg Principal Reed Deshler and Deloitte Human Capital contributors.

The blogs will explore ways organizations can build the resilience necessary to face the demands of a fast-changing world. All blogs can be found here after their publication date.

Oct. 5: The first blog in the series examines why building resilience is more important now than ever.  The authors explore ways organizations can become more agile by identifying a clear purpose, unraveling complexity and designing for well-being. 

Oct. 12:  In the second blog, the authors will look at ways organizations can re-architect work to allow human capabilities like problem solving and relationship building to flourish. 

Oct. 19: The final installment examines how prioritizing the human experience can translate to a more sustainable, profitable organization.

Reed Deshler is also a contributor to Newsweek’s Expert Forum and Forbes Coaches Council. More articles by Reed are available here.