Winning Practices of Organization Transformation COEs

Angled view of AlignOrg Solutions' Organization Transformation COE Executive Guide

Any organization needs effective organization design, transformational change management, and proactive talent management to support and ensure the success of change initiatives necessary to stay competitive in a changing marketplace.

While these functions are often fully outsourced, a growing trend is to set up internal centers of expertise (COE) to help do and manage the work of transformational change. Internal COEs offer the advantage of familiarity with the organization’s business model, culture, goals and stakeholders as well as potential cost advantages.

There are countless ways to set up a COE to support organization change and transformation.  Some approaches are effective, but unfortunately, others are not.

This complimentary guide, Winning Practices of Organization Transformation COEs, highlights best practices to creating a winning COE based on data collected in our 2016 and 2017 Organization Design Learning Conferences and in AlignOrg Solutions’ quarter century of in-the-trenches experience in capability building and COE development.

This guide will help you avoid common pitfalls and equip you with a proven plan of action to set up an effective organization transformation COE within your organization. You will learn:

  • Our proven 5-step process to creating a winning organization transformation COE
  • The 5 talent-related challenges that can kill a COE, and how to overcome them (page 9)
  • 3 key questions you must ask to ensure your COE is set up in alignment with your organization’s needs and to prevent misunderstandings that could undermine its effectiveness down the line (page 11)
  • Why a COE’s success can lead to its downfall, and two ways to proactively address this problem (page 18)
  • How to avoid overwhelming or overly complicated methodologies and select the right tools to allow your COE to meet its work demand effectively and efficiently (page 20)
  • Many more tips and insights for developing and managing an effective organization transformation COE

Download our free guide today and get started on the right track to setting up an effective, efficient, and long-lived organization transformation COE for your organization.