Becoming an Alignment Leader®: Best Practices for Driving Transformational Change

Angled view of AlignOrg Solutions' Alignment Leader Executive Guide

The need to navigate organization transformations is a challenging but necessary reality in business. Every organization must periodically transform or change in response to shifts in the market. Companies that can adapt more nimbly or in a more differentiated way enjoy significant advantages over those that respond poorly or are not able to achieve optimal organization alignment. For alignment efforts to be successful, it is critical not only to have an effective strategy for improvement but also to keep the organization aligned with its strategic goals.

There is a need for leaders to become architects of their organization, both strategically and as influencers.  These leaders empower their organizations to achieve differentiated outcomes from their transformation efforts.

This complimentary guide, Becoming an Alignment Leader®: Best Practices for Driving Transformational Change, introduces the steps and practices essential for becoming an Alignment Leader in your organization.

You will learn:

  • What an Alignment Leader is and why organizations need them
  • How to identify and make trade-offs that are in alignment with the company’s strategy
  • How the Cube Model of Organization Design can help facilitate alignment
  • How to become a change leader and the four competencies of a good change partner
  • To lead your organization along the transformation journey as an effective Alignment Leader.

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