Organization Alignment

Making the Hard Choices through Organization Alignment

Organization alignment helps companies realize their strategy and deliver in the marketplace. A successfully aligned organization makes hard choices, gets the right people involved, has a strong alignment leader, and absorbs complexities.

Leading Transformational Change

CHRO Insights: Keys to Leading Transformational Change

At the HR Policy Association CHRO Summit, I had a chance to have lunch with the former CHRO of Procter & Gamble, Dick Antoine. Dick is also the former National Academy of Human Resources President. As a fellow professional charged with helping organizations design, implement and sustain transformational change, I

Aligning Resources for Things that Matter in Organization Design

Aligning Resources for the Things That Matter in Organizational Design Optimizing a business model isn’t easy. What’s more, your resources may be limited requiring you to be more thoughtful when aligning your organizational design to your business model. You want to be sure you’re making provisions for the things that

Executives leveraging a PMO to implement a new organization design

Leveraging a PMO to Implement a New Organization Design

The PMO stabilizes transformation efforts through standardization, establishes project cadence, and provides visibility and predictability to the long, complex transformation journey. If a leaders and organization design practitioners can leverage the strengths of a PMO, he/she can free valuable time and bandwidth to ensure a successful implementation.

Change Management

The Role of Leadership in Change Management

Leaders aren’t immune to the pressure of people’s expectations. The role of leadership in change management requires care, communication and commitment.

The Elements of Organization Design Success in Today’s Dynamic Market

How do you know if you have a good business model? In simple terms, it should solve a problem for your customer. Obviously there’s more to it than that. Your business model conceptualizes how your organization will create value for customers. There are three elements that need to be in

organization design

Enabling Executives to Find the Right Organization Design

Organization design: What does it mean? Why does your organization need it? How do you find the one that will support your goals? The selection of the right organization design is a real challenge for today’s leaders – but an important one to tackle. Take the process for granted and

Executives discuss why HR is the best change management partner

Why HR is the Best Change Management Partner

Human resource (HR) leaders are uniquely positioned within their organizations to play a significant role in change management. Traditionally, they have been workplace policy enforcers, employee liaisons, and corporate communicators. However, the evolving corporate climate–and the influence of technology and workplace analytics–have reshaped the HR function. It warrants a different

Innovation Strategy

Strategic Business Planning: Is Your Innovation Strategy Adequate?

A recent survey of 246 CEOs worldwide found that 64% believe innovation and operational effectiveness carry equal importance for their companies’ success. More than half stated that innovation was a priority and they were adept at generating new ideas and approaches. We recently worked with a large company’s research and

Organization Strategy

Executing a Winning Organization Strategy

Companies seeking to gain market share have to execute an organization strategy that allows them to differentiate and win in the marketplace. There are many ways for organizations to differentiate. These may include, but are not limited to: Great customer service Most innovate product offerings Most convenient delivery method Best