It’s a Question of Time: How Do You Implement Strategy Faster?

We all want quicker results. The faster we can implement our strategy the sooner we can reap the rewards and respond to shifting marketplace demands. But those involved in any strategic change initiative like an organization redesign or business model change know that speed is not easy to achieve. Strategic

Change Platform

The Importance of Building a Change Platform

Today’s marketplace has become an environment of continuous change. As a result, many businesses struggle to adapt as multiple areas of their organizations simultaneously experience change of some sort. In a recent webinar, I discussed how change platforms can facilitate this new environment of change and help businesses keep up

Business Model

Finding and Solving Customer Problems

Perhaps the simplest definition of a business model is an organization’s effort to deliver a unique solution to a customer need or problem. To improve your business model and organization, you need to ensure that all aspects of your organization align to solve your customers’ problem(s). The best organizations today

Change Transformation Partner

Finding the Right Change Transformation Partner

A change partner is essential when developing your business model and organization design because they can bring methodologies and tools needed to guide the work. Your change partner could be an HR manager or some other internal resource. But, it may be better to factor in partners outside the organization

Post-Business Model Implementation

Sealing the Deal on Post-Business Model Implementation Performance

You and your team have worked hard to create a business model and an organization design that meet your objectives, optimize your capabilities, address your customers’ needs, differentiate you in the marketplace, and account for any future complexities. Good job! Your efforts will pay off. Your organization will be fiscally

Resource Optimization

Organization Alignment, the Key to Resource Optimization

How do I optimize my resources? It is the perennial question for today’s businesses. Our philosophy is that aligned organizations can better optimize their resources to create both great efficiencies as well as desired growth. To accomplish both of these objectives, businesses must consider a more holistic approach to organization

Change Agents

Better Utilize Change Agents in Your Change Transformation

In order to successfully navigate through a change transformation, businesses need key people to help push the change forward and integrate the new concepts into the organization. These change agents play an essential part in the change transformation as they communicate, implement, and help spread the change throughout the organization.

Transformation leaders discuss the equation for measuring change success

The Equation for Measuring Change Transformation Success

Measurement is an essential activity to ascertain the success of a process or an activity. However, assessing the effectiveness of a change transformation is not always as straight-forward or simple as reading outcome data or waiting for a position in the market to change. Although metrics such as milestones and