Organization Alignment Role

Tuning Functions to Their Proper Organization Alignment Role

HR, finance, and other functions play a vital supportive role in every organization. Like the air conditioning in a car, it isn’t essential to getting from point A to point B, but it sure makes the journey much more comfortable. Just as air conditioning with no engine or chassis or

Organization Design

How Organization Design Can Facilitate Growth

Almost all organizations are actively looking for growth opportunities. While growth is not without its challenges and downsides, the positive aspects of growth are compelling enough to drive most organizations to commit a great deal of effort and resources into seeking and pursuing opportunities for profitable and sustainable growth. Most

Change Transformation

Leveraging Visual Management for Change Transformation Success

A colleague once told me a story about an acquaintance of his who was asked to take over management of a failing manufacturing plant in the hopes that he could turn it around.  All he did for the first month or two was walk around observing: listening, watching, and learning.

Organizational Strategy

Designing Talent to Align With Organizational Strategy

In our previous blog, we discussed how organizational strategy impacts the design choices organization leaders must make. We also touched on the concept of organization alignment with strategy using our Cube model of organization design, which equates the organization systems (work processes, structure, information and metrics, etc.) of a business

Organization Design

Build an Organization Design that will Meet Your Strategic Goals

There is a tendency among organizations to equate strategy with goal setting: what we want to become, where we want to go, what we want to achieve. These goals are often set from a financial or operational performance perspective. For example, targeting revenue goals, achieving a market leadership position, or