How Diversity and Inclusion Impact Organization Design

Almost all organizations now are aware of the importance of diversity. Most have identified at least one person at the executive level whose role and responsibility is to help the organization address systemic issues around lack of diversity or the lack of inclusion of certain types of people, including people

organization transformation strategy

Designing Your Business Model for Resiliency

In a dynamically changing marketplace, the need to be faster and more agile has become an organizational imperative. Since change is inevitable, an organization’s transformation strategy has to be taken into account when designing a winning business model. As we point out in our book, Mastering the Cube, one of

Engagement Model

Engagement Model – Which is Best for Your Transformation COE?

Many companies are setting up internal centers of expertise (COE) to help do and manage the work of implementing organization change. Having these capabilities in house can be an efficient and cost effective way to manage change within an organization. However, COEs that operate in isolation or as a bolt-on

Business Mode Implementation

Navigating the Journey to Successful Business Model Implementation

All great accomplishments start with great ideas and/or plans, but it takes action to bring them to reality. When we redesign an organization’s business model or its organization design, it’s one thing to blueprint or architect it to create a good approach for achieving marketplace success, yet it is another