Webinar: Executive Insights: Why Do I Need to be an Alignment Leader®?

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As today’s market continues to increase in complexity and speed, alignment leaders can help organizations stay ahead of the game. Alignment leaders drive organizations to recognize choices and trade-offs, support change, ensure alignment across all business systems, and build organizational capacity. However, what does it mean to be an effective alignment leader? What benefits can an organization expect? And, how do I become one?

This webinar covers the following areas:

  • Transform Stumbling Blocks to Building Blocks: Recognize the common pitfalls to organization alignment and turn them into strengths that drive change
  • The Search for an Alignment Leader: The characteristics that set alignment leaders apart
  • True Alignment Leads to Behavior Change: Involving the right players to align behaviors to the desired change
  • Mapping Change: The ability of alignment to predict how changes and choices will affect an organization
  • Capabilities Needed for Change: The secret to sustained alignment

This webinar is a must for:

  • C-suite executive and senior business managers
  • HR leaders and organization and talent experts
  • Performance and change managers/succession planners
  • Anyone interested in improving the performance of their organization

Presented by Reed Deshler, Principal, AlignOrg Solutions

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