AlignOrg Solutions’ Ken Thompson Named a Top 10 Inspiring CEO

Ken Thompson wins leadership award.

AlignOrg Solutions’ Principal Partner & CEO Ken Thompson has been named a Top 10 Inspiring CEO by C Level Focus, a global media, branding and technology company.  The outlet highlighted AlignOrg Solutions’ recent growth, including its placement on the 2023 Inc. 5000 list

“With Ken Thompson at the helm and a clear vision for the future, the company is well-positioned to continue its trajectory of growth, innovation and success,” it stated. 

Thompson joined AlignOrg Solutions in 2018 after a successful career in the U.S. Army and in  leadership positions in logistics, supply chain, apparel design and manufacturing organizations. His work at AlignOrg Solutions has included clients like Citrix, Google, Adobe and other global industry leaders. 

C Level Focus cited Thompson’s unique background as an attack helicopter pilot in helping organizations achieve their strategic goals. “Ken advocates for maintaining a ‘clear line of sight’ to the target within organizational contexts,” it stated. “This philosophy underpins AlignOrg Solutions’ method of integrating strategy at all levels of the organization. By ensuring that every tactical decision supports the broader operational capabilities and overall enterprise strategy, the company remains laser-focused on what truly matters.” 

The outlet also highlighted Thompson’s emphasis on building an empowering employee culture that emphasizes a healthy work-life balance. Employees do not travel during the third week of each month to give them time to rejuvenate and catch up with loved ones. Achievements are celebrated through annual and quarterly awards as well as spontaneous “on the spot” acknowledgements. 

Upon learning he’d been named as a Top 10 Inspiring CEO, Thompson said, “I’m honored to be given such meaningful recognition, but the credit goes to our team members who make my job easier and create success for AlignOrg at every turn.” 

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