Donation to the American Red Cross is Part of AlignOrg Solutions’ Year-End Giving Initiative

Charity donations

AlignOrg Solutions rounded out 2021 by helping those in need.  The company made a generous donation to the American Red Cross as part of its fifth annual holiday giving initiative. 

AlignOrg has incorporated goodwill as part of its end of year activities since 2016.  Since then, the company has donated thousands of dollars to organizations that support those that need it most.

In addition to the American Red Cross, AlignOrg has previously supported National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and Guatamala Children’s Project.

“The ongoing pandemic has increased the need for support while preventing fundraising and donation collection efforts from taking place,” said Ken Thompson, AlignOrg Solutions CEO.  “In addition, the recent extreme weather events warrant supporting an organization that provides disaster relief.  We’re proud to aid the the American Red Cross in the form of a donation.”