AlignOrg Solutions Announces Reaccreditation of Capability Building Course by The Organization Design Community

June 27, 2023 – AlignOrg Solutions is proud to announce the reaccreditation of its corporate capability building course by the Organizational Design Community (ODC). 

The four-day certification course, titled Aligning Your Organization:  An Organization Design Approach to Enterprise Transformation, has been ODC accredited for the past six years.  ODC’s reaccreditation signifies that the certification course’s content and methodology meet recognized standards set by the organization design community and has been rigorously evaluated to meet quality benchmarks. 

There are several benefits to participants who choose an ODC accredited training. The accredited training programs often provide access to additional resources such as research papers, case studies, tools, and frameworks developed or endorsed by the organization design community. These resources can further enhance participants’ learning experience and provide practical insights for applying organization design principles in real-world scenarios.  ODC-accredited training also contributes to individuals’ professional development by equipping them with the knowledge and skills required for effective organization design.

“We’re one of few providers that offer ODC accredited courses for capability building training,” said Doug Von Feldt, Engagement Executive at AlignOrg Solutions.  “Accreditation is a thorough process and validates the course’s standards and quality when choosing a certification training.”

In addition to the four-day certification training, AlignOrg Solutions provides capability building to fit specific client needs.  From building diagnosis skills for HRPBs to Change Management capabilities to help drive the transformation, AlignOrg consultants work hand in hand with clients to develop customized training solutions.

Founded in 2003, the Organizational Design Community is a professional association dedicated to advancing the theory and practice of organization design. For over 25 years, AlignOrg Solutions has partnered with global organizations and industry-leading Fortune 500 clients to provide a powerful launch pad for designing and implementing successful change.  To learn more about AlignOrg Solutions’ capability building training, visit