Strategy Implementation

Strategy Implementation Your Customers Can Feel

How do you deliver an unforgettable experience to your customers that will differentiate you from your competitors? The answer is fairly simple: Understand what customers see as “critical moments” with your product/services. Make sure your customers can feel your strategy at those critical moments. Critical Moments To know how to

Executives implementing a new business model that creates customer stickiness

Implementing a New Business Model That Creates Customer Stickiness

Businesses work hard to create and market products and services that solve customer problems and fill customer needs. But, what creates the kind of customer loyalty that brands like Amazon or Apple enjoy? What is it that makes us repeatedly choose one company over another? What choices can organizations make

Business Model

Finding and Solving Customer Problems

Perhaps the simplest definition of a business model is an organization’s effort to deliver a unique solution to a customer need or problem. To improve your business model and organization, you need to ensure that all aspects of your organization align to solve your customers’ problem(s). The best organizations today