Organization Design & Diagnostics Conference 2016 Wrap Up

– Event Closed –

Clients and associates of AlignOrg Solutions participated in The Conference Board’s 12th Annual Organization Design and Diagnostics conference held this month in New York City.  The conference theme was Shaping the Workplace of the Future:  Designing Agile, Connected and Efficient Organizations and featured research and case studies on a range of topics including Digital Transformation, Alignment Leadership, Agility and Culture Change.  Approximately 85 people attended the main conference on November 3 – 4.

A Pre-Conference Seminar titled Tools and Techniques for Designing Winning Organizations was led by Reed Deshler and Mike Smith of AlignOrg Solutions.  The interactive workshop helped participants:

  • Learn strategic organization design tools that powerfully connect organization design choices to strategy
  • See examples of how organizations have achieved sustainable differentiation to win in the marketplace
  • Explore techniques for building an effective partnership between leaders and their change partners
  • Discover organization alignment building blocks that will increase the likelihood of successful transformation

Participants were highly engaged during the fast-paced, dynamic session, and reviews of the workshop were very strong.

Maria Burt, Director, Global OD & Talent Management at Novus International presented with W. Scott Hine, Vice President, Products & Solutions and Chief Innovation Officer at Novus and Tony Matejczyk, Senior Consultant at AlignOrg Solutions on how to Design and Deliver a Product Development Management Framework:  Getting from Blueprint to the Frontlines.  They shared the challenges and lessons learned from their work setting a clear accountability framework across the entire organization, including pulling in cross-functional teams early, continuously focusing on the why, offering training by and for leaders, proactively managing resistance, and building credibility by building delivery capability.

Eric Hovanec, EVP Strategic Initiatives at Rubicon Project presented with AlignOrg Solutions Senior Consultant Mike Smith in a session on Propelling Growth through Organization Alignment.  As a start-up Rubicon Project experienced many typical growth challenges – organizing around individuals, a “boxology” approach to adapting the structure, and a “one and done” mentality about organization design.  Their shift toward a new kind of leader, Alignment Leaders, and an actionable organization design aligned to future direction, was a real success story which resonated for conference participants.

Reed Deshler, Principal of AlignOrg Solutions served as the moderator for an interactive session titled Collaborative Conversations.  First, participants identified and shared the key ideas, themes and insights from the day’s sessions.  Second, participants worked on a live case study, serving as free consultants to one of their peerS from WellNext who shared a real-life organization design situation. Tables conferred and shared their recommendations for how to approach the challenge.  It was a very engaging and energizing session.

Other companies that have worked with AlignOrg Solutions also attended the conference, including representatives from American Express, American Family Insurance, Hallmark, Lincoln Financial, Lowe’s, Medtronic, Northwestern Mutual, TD Ameritrade, and TJX.

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