Tired of chasing the benchmark?

Become the benchmark for your industry by building the distinctive capabilities that will be difficult for your competitors to copy.  Designing your organization goes far beyond building your structure – it is also choosing how work is done, how resources are allocated, how success is measured, how jobs are defined, how performance is managed and rewarded and how people are engaged.

An AlignOrg Solutions, redesign is a concentrated series of facilitated work sessions to lie out the capabilities that will deliver unique value to the marketplace and then to create the formula of design choices that embodies these capabilities and that competitors will be unable to copy.  In these work sessions, the leaders of your organization determine the optimal set of elements that will align your organization’s capabilities not to a fading past, but to the future state described in your forward-facing strategy.  See how our easy-to-follow transformation road map will guide you from understanding your marketplace opportunities to an aligned, high-performing organization.

Learn how we helped GE Energy Services design their organization.