Benjamin Moore Paints


A powerful organization redesign can lose its impact without robust implementation. Benjamin Moore had been focusing significant resources on redesigning and reinvigorating its retail channel to combat competition from large, home improvement retailers. Initial redesign results had been positive, but IT leadership recognized they needed to improve the way their resources and assets supported the company’s strategic direction.


AlignOrg Solutions helped the senior IT leadership articulate their value offering in support of the company’s strategy. Together we assessed how the work done by IT enabled strategy while supporting day-to-day operations. With that clarity, we facilitated a redesign of the IT function.

To ensure an effective implementation, we expanded the group of IT leaders involved in the transformation—how it would work, what talent would move from one place/position to another, how we would communicate, etc. We clarified roles and responsibilities, assessed impact on specific individuals, and developed change management and communications plans.

As the change rolled out, each IT department participated in a series of work sessions designed to reengage employees in the work of their new roles and departments. These sessions focused on clarifying roles, setting expectations, and ensuring smooth hand-offs in work assignments. We also identified important linkages—places where one person or department was dependent on another person or department—and continued operations, despite the changing reporting relationships, shifting roles, and enhanced work/performance expectations.


Benjamin Moore IT implemented its new organization in a way that employee productivity losses were minimized, voluntary turnover was limited, and the enhanced performance expectations of the business were met. Specific IT resources are now dedicated to retail initiatives, data warehouse build-out, and color technology applications—all strategic enablers for the company’s strategic agenda.