Abbott Laboratories


Abbott Laboratories wanted to build its internal ability to respond to organization design needs. With a small corporate group of organization effectiveness specialists supporting about 70,000 employees spread over 150 countries, they knew they needed to build capabilities within local HR leaders. They also wanted to develop a toolkit they felt confident offering to HR and line leaders who were recognizing the need for organizational design interventions.


AlignOrg Solutions worked with Abbott leaders to customize a toolkit for their company language, culture, and context. We took HR leaders through an education process about how to recognize and diagnose organization design needs to understand the most effective tools and approaches to deploy to solve complex organizational problems.


After we worked with Abbott to build their organization design capabilities, Abbott changed from a model where a handful of OD specialists were called upon to support a large global organization to a model where HR generalists now had less dependency on that core group and greater capability to lead many organization design interventions themselves. The questions they asked and the needs they identified became more sophisticated and precise, a better match for the global organization’s complex issues.