Business Strategy and Tradeoffs

Available on Demand – Understanding where value will and will not be offered enables organizations to focus limited resources on the most strategic and differentiating activities.

Message from Our Principals

Available on Demand – We help organizations transform. We do this by helping you plan strategies and organizational choices that will lead to superior results.

Managing Change

Available on Demand – Don’t want to be part of the 70% of change efforts that fail? Learn the unique applications of managing change in the context of organization design and transformation.

Leading the Design

Available on Demand – Real, lasting organization transformation is a tall order. Ultimately, it is leaders who guide their organizations down the path that achieves success.

Designing the Organization

Available on Demand – Designing your organization is more than structure – it is how work is done, how resources are allocated, how jobs are defined, how performance is managed and rewarded and how people are engaged.

Building Capabilities

Available on Demand – Want to keep up with the pace of change? Learn what skills, tools and methods we use in our organization transformation efforts.

Creating Differentiated Strategy

Available on Demand – You can gather all the data you can or conduct all the analyses you want, but eventually you have to articulate a marketplace position that will truly differentiate you.