Successful mergers need to have all of the right pieces; we can help you fit those pieces together and solve the puzzle.

challenge-pathway-04Mergers and acquisitions are a great way to grow a business, add capabilities to your portfolio, or enter new markets. The key is unleashing the potential of the new company, capability or market, and strategy is key to understanding where a merger or acquisition fits into the puzzle. AlignOrg Solutions helps leaders think about the strategic fit of mergers and acquisitions, and then helps leaders determine the best way to integrate structures, capabilities, processes and business models to achieve success.

Our experience in business model and design helps us ask the right questions so that leaders can weigh the trade-offs of moving work and resources, combining functions and operations, and establishing joint offerings. Just like with an existing business, the key to aligning an organization is to set strategy, identify capabilities and then align choices. AlignOrg Solutions’ tools and methodology are proven to reveal the hidden potential of recent mergers or acquisitions.

Recently, we supported a large, multi-national in facilitating a series of strategy and design sessions with leaders of the acquiring and the acquired company to determine fit and alignment. In a short amount of time, these leaders not only began to see the potential framework for how to align their business models and structure their combined business, but also they began to work together as a joint leadership team. The approach we led them through was fast, effective and collaborative, and this helped them achieve benefits at multiple levels.