Many a brilliant strategy and ingenious plan have failed not because of a lack of brilliance or ingenuity, but because of poor implementation.

challenge-pathway-03Ultimately, your efforts will never be realized and your work will be in vain without effective communication and change management. Because communication and change management are so critical, we begin with them in mind and weave them throughout our design processes.

Successful change begins with clear articulation of strategy. Traditional organization design focuses solely on aligning organization capabilities and choices. Equally important is aligning the minds within an organization.  Clearly articulated strategy and well-planned communication are as important as the strategy itself. If there is not aligned communication, there is disorder.

Getting it right is important to us and we have built our change management and communications capability by adopting best practices from fields like marketing, advertising, education, and leadership. With this balanced set of expertise, we have created unique tools and methods that have proven to differentiate us from our competition. We can help design communication in a way that aligns itself with strategy, work, and structure in an organization in a way that no one else does.

Clients who follow our approach find quick alignment and a greater energy in their organizations. Their leaders give birth to a new culture that takes shape around the new strategy and the new organization. There is as much power in aligned thinking as aligned doing.