Want to stay aligned in real time?

Want to infuse the skills, tools and methodologies that we use in AlignOrg Solutions’ transformation engagements into your organization? Want to build strong organization design partners available internally for business leaders to turn to throughout the lifecycle of a transformation? We transfer our tools and methods to members of your organization through engaging workshops to help you build internal organization transformation capabilities.  Available AlignOrg Solutions workshops include:

  • Organization Diagnosis and Intervention
  • Differentiation by Design (Macro Design)
  • Aligning for Success (Micro Design)
  • Organization Change & Individual Transitions
  • Alignment Leader® (Organization Transformation for Executives)

Each of these workshops can be customized to fit your specific needs (development goals, time constraints, and existing tools/methods).  Even more, we help your organization define an internal system for on-going capability development, and we work with you to establish a delivery model for offering advanced internal organization design and change management expertise. Our goal is to create capacity and capability, not foster dependence.

Read about the importance of building organization design and change management capabilities in the Harvard Business Review. This article discusses the seven seismic shifts that managers must go through to become leaders.  One of those is how to move from a “Bricklayer to an Architect”. The idea is that to be effective, leaders must focus on the overall architecture of their organizations, and not just try to change things by moving a few bricks around.

Learn how we helped Abbott Laboratories build their internal capabilities.

Watch the video below to learn how we helped Akamai Technologies build their internal capabilities.