Change Waits for No Organization

If there’s one thing we all can count on it’s that change is inevitable. At AlignOrg Solutions, our team not only diagnoses an organization’s stumbling blocks, we also help our clients transform them into building blocks — unique to each organization — that provide a powerful launch pad for designing and implementing successful change.

As experts in organization design and change management, we collaborate with world-class organizations, nonprofits, Fortune 500 and other companies, large and small, to develop the right organizational strategy and operational road map to help them evolve and transform.

We engage business leaders in an in-depth series of facilitated work sessions to determine the optimal set of choices needed to align an organization’s design with its strategy. And we help you gauge who to bring to the table — because who you involve is as important as any element of your future goals.

Our process ensures organizations align their organization design to strategy in a way that creates differentiation — we call this Differentiation by Design. We’ve found that when leaders are engaged in both Leading the Design and Managing Transformation, then transformation flows. These crucial enabling processes are more than buzz words–they are specific actions, capabilities, and processes that start at the beginning and continue throughout a successful transformation process.