Business leaders building capability for organization alignment

Building Capability for Organization Alignment: Beyond the Toolbox

The right organization alignment tools and methodologies are indeed valuable; they can help you see things you can’t otherwise, and provide a framework for solving problems. However, the right tool in the wrong hands won’t lead to success. When building capability in others, consider these factors to help them learn to use available tools in a way that makes sense for the organization.

Communities of Practice

Building Communities of Practice for Impact

In a recent post, we addressed the topic of linkages within an organization. Linkages, or informal relationships within an organization, make up the organization’s “unseen,” informal structure: how people relate to and work with each other across organizational boundaries. Linkages often have as much or even more impact on organizational

Organization Metrics

Organization Metrics: A Key Lever in Strategy Alignment

In the book “Mastering the Cube,” we emphasize the idea that all aspects of an organization must be aligned to strategy for a company to be healthy.  One of the components of strategy alignment is how well an organization utilizes metrics to determine what is working and not working.  For

Transformation COE

Trends and Best Practices for Your Transformation COEs

Any organization, regardless of its size, type, or industry, must constantly undertake change and transformation. With the need for change comes the need for effective organization design and change transformation management to support these initiatives and ensure that they meet with success. While these functions can be and often are